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eTRaXC Team Manager

Coach-directed team manager / off-season training log / fitness manager for cross-country, track & field, and fitness clubs

eTRaXC is a team-based, coach-directed team manager. It is a cross-country team manager that can be used for track and field, and fitness clubs, including a cross-country training log, communication utilities, runner social networking and other functionality. (View screen shots of some of the key functionality of the service.) Includes a companion site, My-eTRaXC, designed specifically as a personal trainer for individual team members.

eTRaXC Testimonial

assistant coach with Andrew Myette at Patrick Henry HS in San Diego and I've been using your service (logging my mileage) for three years now. I love it so much that I've created my own club so I can get friends and family into running! Thanks for your wonderful service, Ruth :-)
Ruth Castillo-Eggett-Team Ultra Marvelous (Coach)

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