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Coach-directed team manager / summer training log / fitness manager for cross-country, track & field, Nordic ski and fitness clubs

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What is eTRaXC

eTRaXC is a team-based, coach-directed fitness team manager. It is a cross-country team manager that can be used for track and field, Nordic skiiing, and fitness clubs, including a cross-country training log, communication utilities, runner social networking and other functionality. eTRaXC includes a companion site, My-eTRaXC, designed specifically as a personal trainer for individuals.


eTRaXC Testimonial

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I have been using this program for 3 years as a tool for mileage logs and workout schedules. It is a useful year 'round program and comes in handy during the down times when you don't see your athletes in the off-season. It also comes in handy if an athlete has a tendency to get ill/injured during the season, the charting makes it easy to see if this happens during high mileage times or during periods of rest. You can chart their progressions, log race times/splits, etc. The upgrade is wonderful and it has been a pleasure to watch the program continue to grow.

Mary Tuff-Mills High School (Coach)