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About eTRaXC!

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eTRaXC® is an online service for recording and tracking distance training for high school, college, and club cross-country and track and field participants.  It was developed by a current high school cross-country coach in Minnesota (USA) to help motivate his student-athletes to record their mileage over the summer months. He felt that students who record their training are more likely to do the training.  It is a subscription-based service that can be renewed yearly or purchased on a lifetime subscription basis.

Features of eTRaXC®


The eTRaXC® Mission

The mission of eTRaXC® is to build a service around the needs of high school, college/university, and club track-and-field, cross-country, and fitness coaches and their teams. Further, to be willing to continually add features as requested by participating coaches. I no longer coach and this is my effort to give back to the sport that has given me so many good experiences and memories as a runner and a coach. eTRaXC® will always be a work in progress and that progress is driven and directed by the coaches of the teams that use it.